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I purchased two Hufa clips. They work great for the front lens caps however,  I would like to know what you have for the all important rear lens cap. Thanks.

– Ry

Thanks for the prompt reply.  From all reports there will be a reemergence in the camera market as mirrorless cameras are taking off …so much so that Canon and Nikon will unleash pro models next year.  Hopefully this will create a surge for various accessories in particular Hufa products.   I live in Ontario, Canada and a few people saw and liked the Hufa clips I was  using.  Continued success..

– Darren

Just wanted to show you different mountings for the Hufa Clip.. I’m using Commercial Velcro with outdoor Adhesive and mounted the clips to 2 Tripods, and it still allows me to use them for the Intended purpose also.. Excellent Product..
hufa on tripod

– Dave Kramer

Just received the Hufa S, and your correct, it does work better for 1″ straps.. I have an Old “Aztec” Elastic strap that is about 1 1/2″ wide, so the other one works good on it.. I’m giving one to my Sister, and I’ll use the other one’s (1″), on my Black Rapid and Cotton System..I will be recommending your Product and your excellent service.. Have a Good Year..

– Dave

I know I’m not the only one who’s ever lost a lens cap. Let’s face it, we all miss that small piece of string some compacts had to keep the lens cap attached to the camera. DSLR lenses don’t have that so photographers often lose the cap. The Hufa V clip is one of those small designs that make you wonder how nobody came up with the idea earlier. They don’t call it “the strap that keeps your cap” for nothing.


Over the years, I’ve lost one too many lens caps. Darren Siegel’s solution, the Hufa Holder. They’re great for keeping your lens cap safe while changing apertures or swapping optics. The lens cap holder will work with alomost any conventional lens cap. The holder slips on to your camera strap and clips your lens cap securely for easy retrieval. The holder will be a great addition to your camera gear and you won’t have to go looking through your pockets to figure out where you did put your lens cap. A great tool for photography in everyday use.


A New Gadget
By David M. Cobb

I’ve spent far too many hours looking for lost lens caps over the years, and many times I replace them with lost lens caps I’ve found in the field. There is a new gadget designed by Darren Siegel who began Hufa to stop those lens caps from disappearing. It’s a pretty simple clip that hooks on to your camera strap, and when you take your lens cap off, you just clip it to your strap – pretty easy. Not that they designed it for this function, but I find they work pretty well with filters too when I’m out in the field. I’ve added a video below so you can see how the clip functions.

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The Hufa lens holder works great — no complaints — holds the lens cap nicely and I don’t have to dig in my pocket for the cap when I change lenses.

-Hüfa wants to thank Damian Donach for helping to test the new Hüfa V clip.
Damian is a professional wedding photographer and technical specialist for Canon USA

I was so impressed by my original purchase I have purchased this one for my brother in the UK. Many thanks for your product and service.

-Deborah R.

Over the years, I’ve lost more lens caps than I can count. I tried the lens cap holders with the strap and adhesive, which worked great until the adhesive wore off. After going through several of those and losing more lens caps in the process, I came across your Hufa Lens Cap Clip and decided to give it a try. I’ve got two different cameras, with very different size lens caps, and I worried that it wouldn’t hold the larger lens cap. But that worry proved to be completely unfounded, as I haven’t lost a lens cap since! I’ve used it on numerous trips, all sorts of sporting events, and even on the ski slopes…with no issues whatsoever! We’ve now got one on every camera in the house! I’m so glad I found you!

-Michelle N.

My name is Roni Delmonico and Chris Kodama is a friend of mine. I live in New York but recently made a trip to Hawaii, where I had the wonderful experience of shooting the sunrise on the beach with Chris and friends.:) During that morning, he gave me a Hufa and I have to tell you, I LOVE that little thing!! My friend Janet and I were just saying how much we wished we could come up with something that we could stick our lens caps to so we’d quit losing them. Next thing I know… I have the perfect answer to that problem! Thank you so much for coming up with a simple way to keep track of my lens cap! Such a simple thing, but so very useful. I wish you success in your endeavors and will tell everyone I know… about the Hufa.

-Roni D.

Having been a serious photographer for over 50 years, I just wanted to let you know how great the Hufa Lens Cap Holder is. Over the years I have tried several different lens cap holders, but none of them compared to the Hufa Lens Cap Holder for the ease of use, and protection against loss or damage. You have provided a really great aid to all photographers. Keep up the good work.

-Rusty G. – San Jose, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your customer service when I emailed you in December. Not only did you email me the very next day, but I also received a response within the hour that I sent the email. You guys went above and beyond what I expected, and it made my decision to go with your product – I ordered 3 hufa clips today. Thanks! -Catherine

Just got my new Hufa holder today in the mail which I won through the Photo Sister contest and snapped it immediately on my new Black Rapid womens camera strap! I know that this will be a great addition to my camera gear and I wont have to go looking through my pockets or purse to figure out where oh where did I put my lens cap. Thank you so much for inventing this, I know I will be ordering more for my other cameras and will be praising this to others whether novice or professional!

Mary W.

Pure Genius! I can’t believe it took so long for someone to create this lens holder! Perfect for the photojournalist who’s always on the move. You don’t have to give it a second thought. Just clip it and forget it!

-Tammy S.

I was leaving to go do a shoot this afternoon, and picked up my mail and my holder was there, as soon as I got to my location I put the holder on my camera strap and trekked through the woods. Amazing I tell ya… of course I reached into my pocket a couple of times looking for my lens cover,only to realize where it was, and it made me smile…. thank you so much for bringing us such a wonderful product. I am repeating this to all my friends and clients.

-Mark and Danielle S.

I was recently given a lens cap holder by an anonymous person at a concert in Portland, OR. Since then I have used the Hufa extensively in the field. I was worried at first that the clip was not going to hold my cap strong enough and it would undoubtedly fall out. Much to my surprise, it has worked fabulously. I have stopped worrying about it and checking every 5 minutes to make sure it’s still there. I just clip it and forget it! Thanks anonymous person!


I want to thank you for the holder. It arrived just in time for my trip to Kenya. It took me a while to remember to use it, but once I got in the habit, it was wonderfully reassuring to always know exactly where my lens cap was. Thank you very much for your generosity!

-Betty C.