Pre-order promotion – Starting August 5th

HÜFA V Clip, and HÜFA The Strap (the strap that keeps your cap) Now adjustable!

There was such great feedback and support from our recent HÜFA Kickstarter funding campaign that we’ve decided to push forward with the production of our new HÜFA V clip and HÜFA THE STRAP products. AND, as a supporter you and your friends will be able to pre-order the products at the same discounted promotion price as offered in our funding campaign.

If you were one of our backers you’ll be guaranteed your SAME purchase price. If you are a new customer you will also be extended this discounted price (some quantities are limited). This pre-order offer will run for a limited time. Our first production run will be in mid-August, with your order’s estimated arrival of September 15. The online ordering will begin August 5 and will run until our first production run is ready to ship.

Ok now, this is a pre-order promotion. Some items are still being finalized. We feel very good about these delivery dates and there’s a chance they may shift. If they do take a bit longer we will let you know as soon as we know! Thanks for trusting us.

We are very excited about moving on to this next step. Thanks for joining us on this fun journey.