Hufa prepares for WPPI camera and camera accessories show

As the camera accessory business changes so does the exhibits. What used to be a great photographic trade show the PPA has all but folded into the CES trade show in January each year. The last several years the hufa lens cap clip team has visited and been increasingly disappointed. Less and less international and major camera and camera accessories makers are prevalent at the show. Many only have meeting space and aren’t even showing their new products to the consumers.

In comes WPPI. March 1-4. This show seems to be growing in popularity as PPA drops. Hufa lens cap clips, (including our latest Hufa V), camera straps and other photography accessories will be displayed with our US distribution partner OmegaBrandis. We hope this year going to Las Vegas won’t be a big gamble. We will update all of you on the cool new photography products we find next month.