Keep your lens caps clean, safe & convenient. Great camera accessories for all photographers. Clever and simple, lens cap holder for the active photographer. We also have quality camera straps with built in lens cap clip. The strap that keeps the cap!



No more looking for your lens cap! Keep your lens cap clean and dry. Clip your cap, use the Original lens cap clip; the S clip for sling style staps, or the new hufa V lens cap clip for larger lens caps.


User Friendly

Easily attaches to camera straps and bags and backpacks. Full line of products including individual lens wet wipes; lens cap clips for standard camera straps of 1.5" and for 1" straps with ( the S type lens cap clip) best for sling straps, camera bags, and camera back packs for photography accessories.


  • After losing one too many lens caps, Darren Siegel knew he needed a better way to keep track of them. His solution, the Hufa Holder, was a hit at PMA 2010 and has been growing in popularity ever since. They’re great for keeping your Lensbaby lens cap safe while changing apertures or swapping optics! Read on to learn more and leave us a comment for a chance to win one of the three we’re giving away. - Lensbaby
  • The Hufa lens holder works great -- no complaints -- holds the lens cap nicely and I don't have to dig in my pocket for the cap when I change lenses.- Damian Donach, Professional Wedding Photographer and Technical Specialist for Canon USA
  • I know I'm not the only one who's ever lost a lens cap. Let's face it, we all miss that small piece of string some compacts had to keep the lens cap attached to the camera. DSLR lenses don't have that so photographers often lose the cap. The Hufa V clip is one of those small designs that make you wonder how nobody came up with the idea earlier.They don't call it "the strap that keeps your cap" for nothing.- Photography Talk
  • Yes I did the other day and THANK YOU SO MUCH! it is awesome.. It fits perfectly on my D300 strap! What an awesome company to let people try your stuff. have a great day!!- Sharen M.
  • Over the years, I’ve lost one too many lens caps. Darren Siegel’s solution, the Hufa Holder. They’re great for keeping your lens cap safe while changing apertures or swapping optics. The lens cap holder will work with alomost any conventional lens cap. The holder slips on to your camera strap and clips your lens cap securely for easy retrieval. The holder will be a great addition to your camera gear and you won’t have to go looking through your pockets to figure out where you did put your lens cap. A great tool for photography in everyday use. - getaddictedto.com
  • It works swiftly and really adds convenience that we never thought was possible. We think the Hufa lens cap holder will definitely appeal to both casual and serious photographers.- mikeshouts.com
  • I have a bad habit. Other photographers and filmmakers may suffer from a similar problem. When I’m out on a shoot, I always seem to be searching bags, pouches, pockets, the ground, or pretty much anywhere for my lens cap. I never put it in the same place twice it seems. Luckily I’ve only lost one so far…or are @anthonyquintano and @wynddan keeping it a hostage form the shoot I misplaced it on until I see them again? Either way I now have a Nikon style lens cap that replaced the stock cap on my Canon 18-135mm and I don’t want to lose this one.- Brian
  • I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your customer service when I emailed you in December. Not only did you email me the very next day, but I also received a response from Greg Heller within the hour that I sent the email. You guys went above and beyond what I expected, and it made my decision to go with your product - I ordered 3 hufa clips today.- Catherine